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Still inventive, still anarchic, still fun after all these years together – what an achievement!

Stella Hall Creative Director Newcastle/Gateshead

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings began as a touring theatre company in 1984, creating vibrant theatre shows with inventive themes and great comic skill. Their work opened up to embrace ‘street theatre’ and they quickly became pioneers of that new genre. In France they would be known as a ‘compagnie historique’ and have travelled the world performing at outdoor festivals and events in over 26 countries.

In more recent years they turned their hand to education, as producers for Creative Partnerships. This led to them creating the annual Arts Carnival for schools in Harwich which has run as a collaboration between teachers and artists for ten years and is a major event in the town.

Now using their extensive knowledge of festivals and the outdoor arts, they have also become creative producers putting on many community festivals and creative events in the their own region. However, as always their inventive heart remains in the world of touring theatre and they are currently captivating audiences with the fabulous Smallest Theatre in the World.  Their work encompasses:-

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