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Sherlock Holmes - Hound of the Baskervilles in The Smallest Theatre in the World!

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Our new show is currently in the making and will be ready to tour from May 2017 onwards. It's pretty safe to say you can expect at least 5 types of deerstalkers, salivating dogs and unfeasibly
large pipes!  We already have bookings far and wide, from the Isle of Wight to Germany and then back to sunny England – it’s going to be a busy year for a tiny theatre. If you’d like further information and availability then please do get in touch, we love to chat!

Step on Board the Mayflower!

Funded by Heritage Lottery this is a brand new project that we will be delivering as part of the Mayflower 400 activities.  We want to share the town’s heritage with the children of Harwich through practical engagement, theatrical re-enactment and the teaching of lost maritime skills to find out what it would have been like to be aboard.

This project will engage with the everyday life four hundred years ago, including the finer details of what they wore, what they ate, where they slept and the practicalities of how they sailed the ship without an engine! We’re pretty sure this will boggle the minds of modern children! No engine?!

With the 400th anniversary of the first sail of the Mayflower in 2020, we feel this is a perfect opportunity to engage young people with their amazing heritage in the lead up to the celebrations.

Furl the sails…we’re off!

Festival of Imagination – 14th July, Harwich Green

After ten glorious years of The Harwich Children’s Carnival we’re reinventing the wheel! This is the first year for the Festival of Imagination but it is a continuation and reimagining of the Carnival. We are particularly excited about it for this reason – it has the history and foundation of the carnival but it’s been re-envisaged for a new generation.

The celebration will host multiple theatre companies specialising in varying forms of children and family theatre, including tightrope walking, storytellers, stilt walkers, outdoor arts performances and much more. We will also programme art workshops where children can get messy and creative, and dance workshops, drumming classes, acrobatics and circus skills. It’s about using imagination, being active and doing it together, as a community.

It will be a new challenge for us as a company and we welcome it with open arms. We anticipate that with the success of this Festival, it will continue annually, just like the Carnival did for so many years. It already is, and will continue to be, a staple in the Harwich calendar.

This project wouldn’t happen without the generous financial support from Awards for All at The Big Lottery Fund, Harwich Connexions, Harwich Town Council and many more – thank you, thank you, thank you! Did I say thanks?!

George the Bookworm

Wix and Wrabness Primary School have seen something extraordinary take place. On 2nd March 2017, World Book Day, the children of Wix and Wrabness came into school to discover multitudes of books with holes through them scattered across the school. Mr Newell, the headteacher, describing the scene when they arrived stated, ‘there were letters of the alphabet everywhere, strewn all over the place.’ As the day unfolded it was unveiled that George the Bookworm is to blame for munching his way through all the pages!

George lives in Room 3, Shelf G at The British Library and he has a problem.

He’s come across a book in the library but this book has NO words, they’ve gone missing. He’s been searching for these missing words but to have a good look he accidently nibbled his way through the pages.

This is part of a unique project that we produced with local author, Anita Belli, specifically for Wix and Wrabness Primary. The project encouraged all the children to write for a new school newspaper, The Curious Times. The children journalists investigated why George turned up and ate all the words.

The project was designed to encourage reading and writing skills within the school in a new and creative way and I can most certainly say, George is a creative genius!  Click below to view