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The company are brilliant at engaging new audiences; they delight, they entertain, perform their hearts out and bring a huge smile to the faces of everyone who encounters them.

We seek to engage and enthrall our audiences, by combining real-time dramatic narrative with absurd comic scenarios. Our shows are fast paced and frenetic but with real theatrical skills underpinning the illusion of constant chaos. Above all else our productions are very funny and grounded in a sense of our common humanity with lovable but flawed characters struggling to overcome epic odds often with both disastrous and hilarious results.

Since 1984 we have produced a wide variety of outdoor shows that have included self-destructive preachers praising the virtues of the Lemming; a daring human cannonball eventually landing in the arms of the audience and our weird and wonderful mechanical Morris dancers. Now the focus of our static performances is ‘The Smallest Theatre in the World’.

The Smallest Theatre in the World

Our current outdoor theatre productions are all based in the legendary Smallest Theatre in the World featuring epic performances in impossibly small spaces. It sits on the sidecar of a Royal Enfield motorbike and has a seating capacity of just two, which means it has never played to less than a 50% capacity house. Despite the limited seating the backstage performance can be enjoyed by a crowd of hundreds.

Our first production was an epic version of ‘King Kong’ that undertook a magical tour of Tamil Nadu, India, last year. This year will see two new shows; the terrifyingly, terrifying “Jaws” and in stark contrast our own madcap version of Shakespeare’s “Tempest”.

Click here to head over to The Smallest Theatre’s own personal website where you’ll be able to find out about it came to exist, it’s tough ride through life, and all of it’s adventures.

Itinerant Performances & Stilt Walking

Having pioneered street theatre and the art of interactive, mischievous, and sometimes wayward performance, we continue to be front-runners in this field with unique results such as our stilt camel with two very British riders. Our itinerant performances stand heads and shoulders above the crowd, but what marks them out from others is the genuine interaction with the audience. These stilt performances are definitely not window dressing.

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Special Productions & Collaborations

Beyond our more traditional touring repertoire, we continue to produce larger scale theatrical events. Over the years we have worked with the Avanti Display and the ZAP productions on large-scale productions and more recently with the French Creation Centre Atelier 231 to create an Anglo-French multi-media play which toured Arts Centre’s and Village Halls in the North of England.

In 2012 we created a show specifically to celebrate the Olympics in Essex…using a chariot! This marvelous invention was created by ‘Walk the Plank’ and then, with a team of six actors we used improvisation techniques to fashion an outdoor theatre show that toured the entire region. This aesthetically impressive theatrical tour was based on mythical creatures and ended with a creative dance input from the local communities.