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All on Board

The Lemmings have created a Mayflower living history for children in the area of Harwich. 400 years ago, on the 6th of September, the Mayflower set sail for America carrying the Pilgrim Fathers. It was an epic voyage with 102 adults and children crammed together in the space that was roughly the size of a small football pitch; for 66 days they battled through storms and bad weather only to arrive in America at the beginning of winter. It is almost impossible for today’s children to imagine what the journey could have been like, but the Grand Theatre of Lemmings brought that experience to life with a hands-on experience what life was like on board the Mayflower. The journey is imagined through the eyes of the Captain, local Harwich hero, Christopher Jones.

Wix and Wrabness school who experienced the live version of the production said; "thank you for an amazing day. The children loved it, not only that but the work the children produced afterwards was commended in the school surprise Ofsted report".

Sadly, COVID-19 brought this tour to an abrupt end. Nevertheless The Lemmings are now reinventing the project in film, animation and song. A complete digital package will be delivered to all the schools in Tendering this autumn. The project was funded by National Lottery Heritgae Fund, Essex County Council, Harwich Town Council and Harwich Connections..

George the Bookworm

George the Bookworm is a Grand Theatre of Lemmings initiative that was originally designed for key stage 2 children. He has been hugely successful in engaging young people in the joys of reading and writing – something he is very passionate about. The project has recently been funded by Arts Council England and George is now being brought to life in film and in book form. The project is exploring George's potential, not just as a champion of reading and writing but as a global superstar! He’s going viral…!

The Captain's Cabin

Work on this outdoor production began last year, but has been mothballed until 2021. Set inside a caravan it was designed to create the experience of being inside the Mayflower on its epic voyage. Funded by the Arts Council England and the Hervey Benham Trust this project is now being re-imagined, designed and built by local artist Tim Hunkin and Andy Plant. We are now in the process of re-inventing it as a Covid proof outdoor performance ~ rather than taking the audience inside our Captain’s cabin, they will now enjoy the show from the outside but looking in!

artists mock-up of captains cabin